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This is my Blog on how I have solved some problems in Linux and Windows to be used in business or for pleasure.  I do not play any games, so if you are looking for ideas on how to solve problems with playing games, then you should look elsewhere.  Most of my work is being done on laptops using Ubuntu/Kubuntu Linux and with hardware such as a Sierra Aircard 875. Lately, I am using Windows 7.

January 5, 2013
Running DOS programs under Windows 7 64 bit

November 2012
Adding a Parallel printer to Ubuntu 12.04

November 2012
A Simple Ubuntu 12.04 File Server

June 25, 2012

China Mobile phones and Android 2.3.4

Don't buy!!!

January 2, 2012

Make a Bootable USB drive with Avira Rescue antivirus

Check your hard drives with Avira Rescue antivirus program using a bootable USB drive makes checking all your computers for viruses easy and portable.

October 7, 2011

Android 2.2.1 telephone
Getting and using an Android phone with USB sync of calendar and offline GPS map.

August 22, 2011

Watch out for Criterion Automation of Riverside California. They have delt unethically with me in my business, by ordering and then not accepting a custom product. I will have to scrap the whole project, because they did not bother to call my company and let us know that they purchased another product. After many man-weeks of work, and custom ordering cabinets for them, they simply refused shipment. I guess I should have looked at their web site to see that they have to tell people about their honesty. It has been my experience, that it you have to tell some one you are not a liar, you probably are a liar. Same for honesty and ethics. This has never happened to me in over 30 years of business, until now.

Windows Phone 7 July 18, 2011
My opinion of Windows Phone 7 and what it won't do.

ALK Copilot Live V8 for Win Mobile Installation
December 24, 2010
This is notes for installing Copilot Maps on an HTC T5388 phone.  Don't buy CoPilot!!!

Massey Ferguson Tractor parts
Some notes about my 1975 Massey Ferguson MF-40 tractor/backhoe: A side issue

Boost Mobile first impressions
See what I have to say about Boost Mobile

Windows password retrieval
Here is a way to get your computer started after you forgot your password or your children change it for you, in a Windows computer using a Linux program.

Genealogy of Charlie Morrison
This is a link to my genealogy page, which is incomplete.

My notes on using the AT&T Mercury USB Connect on Ubuntu 9.04
Just plug it in and click 2 choices and you're on the Internet in 30 seconds. Takes 15 minutes with Windows Vista.

My notes on downgrading to XP from Vista for a Toshiba L305-S5921 Laptop
On boot, press F2 and change the SATA drive from AHCI to Compatibility mode and
 then reboot. Let it install the compatibility drivers and then restart with the XP install CD.

Some notes on VB6 running under Vista
"Unexpected Error" message when trying to run a VB6 application under Windows Vista even when just a screen with no code is run, was caused by the Icon.

My notes on installing Feisty Linux on a laptop
This is the notes I took when I installed Kubuntu Feisty on an Acer 5100-3357 laptop. Notes include Sierra 875 Aircard and wireless.
My notes on an invalid Mac address booting Kubuntu Gutsy Linux
This is the notes I took when I installed Kubuntu Gutsy on the Acer 5100-3357 laptop. A bad MAC address was reported and corrected.

My notes on Installing ShrewSoft VPN Client under Linux
These are my notes on installing the ShrewSoft VPN client on my Acer 5100-3357 laptop to connect remotely to my company server.

NOTE: Shrewsoft is now available in the Hardy repositories.

Laptop Upgrading to a TL-52 processor from an MK-36
This is my story on upgrading my laptop processor.

Kubuntu Gutsy 7.10 Linux reinstall and file transfers
This is a "how to" describing the steps to do a clean install of Kubuntu 7.10 on an Acer 5100-3357 laptop including recovery of data from the old drive.

Mounting a windows network drive on boot using Linux Samba
This is a "how to" on setting up the fstab file to automatically mount a Windows networked server on boot, on Kubuntu Gutsy on an Acer 5100-3357 Laptop.

How to install Delorme 2006 Plus on Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) Linux and WINE
This is a link to my procedure on installing Delorme 2006 Plus mapping program under Ubuntu Hardy Linux using WINE, and yes it runs.

Sierra 875 Aircard and ATT phone service
This is a link to my possible explanation of the slowness of ATT aircard service, but no answer as to how to make it work better.

Digi DC-ME-01T-S module rebooting problem.
This is some history of a Digi Ethernet to serial bridge rebooting problem.

Running DOS programs with serial ports under Windows XP
Run the application under "Compatibility mode" using an earlier Windows version.
Use USB 1.1 USB to serial adapters: available from BestLinkNetware. Don't use Belkin.

ATT connect speed isn't nearly as fast as they advertise. It takes longer to start and connect the Mercury Aircard to the ATT network than anything else. I would guess it takes several minutes to start the aircard manager, detect the aircard, and then get ready to connect. The commercials are a far stretch from reality and ATT should be made to remove the ads or to make it work as they show.

Using Linux, it is almost as fast as ATT shows on the TV ads. Plug in the card, make one click and you're on the air in about 10 seconds using Ubuntu 9.04.

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